Terms and conditions of use


The objective of this page is to offer a space for the regulation of access and use by users of the website of the Camilo Cienfuegos International Clinic. These regulations are institutional in nature and therefore will be updated and / or modified in form and content as the Clinic deems appropriate.

Terms of use

The contents of the site of the Camilo Cienfuegos International Clinic are designed to be used as an informative complement to the institution's products and services, as well as to offer a source of reliable and certified information on medical contents. The user agrees to use the contents of the site from an ethical perspective. Respecting the institutional authorship and not using them to inflict damages of any kind if this were possible. The accesses to the site will be carried out by the ordinary routes, therefore the user should not access or try to access by other ways that could affect or deconstruct the integrity of the site. You must also reject all activities that relate to the site with access routes that interrupt the performance of servers and data networks.


The Camilo Cienfuegos International Clinic is responsible for the accessibility and availability of the website. This will only be out of service under certain situations that require it. Faced with this situation, the user will be notified through the relevant channels of the affectation and the estimated time implied by the solution.


The Camilo Cienfuegos International Clinic reserves the right to demodify and suppress any of its contents. This does not require prior notice to the user without this constituting a condition to them.