Duties of the Patient

Provide complete and truthful information, comply with the instructions of the medical staff and express expressly his understanding or incomprehension of the indications, as well as any anomaly and / or eventuality for the attention received.

Go to consultations, exams or other type of programmed attentions. In case of impossibility, give notice to the Head of corresponding room, in advance

Do not leave the room without authorization from the personal assistance. Inform yourself about the claim procedure established.To give a courteous and respectful treatment to other patients and to Center staff.

Find out about the established claim procedure.

Provide courteous and respectful treatment to other patients and Center staff.

Do not make unnecessary noises (TV, radio, conversations, use of musical instruments, in high tones) and respect the rest of the other patients.

Respect the established working hours and norms.

Care, use and preserve, in a responsible manner, the facilities and services of the Center.

Do not leave without garments, objects of value or money. If you do not use them, you should place them in the boxes of security that you have in your room.

Maintain a correct appearance and appearance, adequate personal hygiene and contribute to maintaining the hospital environment.

Do not hang clothes in the windows and keep them closed.

Do not smoke in the areas of the Center.

Cover the costs corresponding to the services received.

Respect and comply with the provisions of this Internal Functional Regulation, as applicable.