The Nursing Department is represented by a team of nursing graduates and specialist nurses with a high scientific and technical level, who provide assistance to hospitalized and ambulatory patients, guaranteeing comprehensive and excellent care to patients.

Ozone therapy treatment:

Bachelor in nursing trained for the application of ozone as a form of alternative medical treatment for various conditions.

Intensive care unit

Accredited nursing graduates in serious patient care.


Nursing graduates who provide care for the diversification of services such as Retinitis pigmentosa, general surgery, neurology, etc.

Electro-stimulation treatment

Bachelor in nursing trained to perform the treatment with high-level teams.

Surgical unit

Nursing graduates accredited in serious patient care.

Treatment of Natural and Traditional Medicine

Licensed in nursing with a degree in the application of Natural and Traditional Chinese Medicine for the work of laser acupuncture, etc.

Emergency service

Nursing graduates accredited in emergency care. But we also have outpatient services, sterilization and hospital epidemiology.

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Personalized medical programs

To receive treatment at our clinic you must provide information through the form on the right, so that our specialists design a medical program adjusted to your needs

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