The comfort of our patients comes first

Receive specialized and comprehensive quality and safe medical care. That you are informed in a timely manner of the room and room assigned and the prices of the services you will receive. To be received upon arrival at the Center by the Commercial and Public Relations Specialist and the Supervisor. The ease of sanitary or ordinary transportation, as required. To receive kind and respectful treatment, to be called by your first and last name and to be informed of the name of the doctor and of the nurse (s) of assistance.

In our clinic you will receive a high quality treatment

Assigned to an assistance physician, who responds continuously for their care with the highest scientific level, and who will interact with other specialties, if necessary. Respect your rest schedule avoiding unnecessary lights and noise. That in the examinations and clinical procedures their modesty is respected and they are carried out with the required privacy. In gynecological and obstetric maneuvers, other personnel, doctors or nurses will always be present. To be provided timely, sufficient and understandable information about the state of health, diagnosis, treatments, risks and prognosis.

Patient safety is the task of everything in the clinic

Raise to the address any complaint or suggestion that has, on the received attention or that can contribute to improve the quality of the service that is lent in the center. Have a companion during your hospitalization, as long as it does not endanger the health or life of the patient. Have information about their rights and duties in writing in the room. Not be recorded or photographed for dissemination purposes, unless previously authorized. Refusing to participate in scientific research projects.

We look after your health from an integral perspective.

That your medical information is not given to people not related to your care. Have a translator, when necessary. Be housed in a safe, hygienic and humane environment; receive the means to guarantee their personal hygiene and balanced diet, in the established schedules, with the presentation, quantity, quality, temperature and adequate services and the offer of an optional menu.