For us, the patient comes first.

If you are a patient or visitor of  Camilo Cienfuegos International Clinic, you should know that we work with a lot of professionalism to provide excellence and quality services. Our main commitment is to achieve a state of well-being in our patients based on the improvement of their health. If you want more information about the care in our clinic, this page offers a set of useful elements for the patient.

Receive specialized and comprehensive quality and safe medical care.

That you are informed in a timely manner of the room and room assigned and the prices of the services you will receive.

To be received upon arrival at the Center by the Commercial and Public Relations Specialist and the Supervisor.

Be received upon arrival at the Center by the Commercial and Public Relations Specialist and the Supervisor

Patient's rights

Duties of the patient

Provide complete and truthful information, comply with the instructions of the medical staff and express expressly his understanding or incomprehension of the indications, as well as any anomaly and / or eventuality for the attention received.

Go to the consultations, exams or other kind of programmed attention. In case of impossibility, give notice to the Head of corresponding room, in advance.

Do not leave the room without authorization from the healthcare staff. See the other duties of the patient.

Payment Methods

Upon receiving our medical services you have the possibility to make payments, cash, with the use of credit cards or through medical insurance. If you are willing to pay by medical insurance you should know that our clinic has working agreements with the National Health Insurance Company of Cuba, which is responsible for processing with the insurance companies of each country. To execute the process you must contact us as soon as possible. possible with your insurance company and request that you contact the following email address: to receive the information referred to your medical summaries and expense invoices. Keep in mind that delays in contacting your insurance company may delay your departure. You can pay the payment for the care and then negotiate with your insurance the bills of the cost that is delivered to you, in addition to the medical summary which would expedite the attention given to you. Remember that you must make your payments before receiving treatment, with the exception of medical-surgical emergencies defined by the doctor who treats you.

Request our services

Personalized medical programs

To receive treatment at our clinic you must provide information through the form on the right, so that our specialists design a medical program adjusted to your needs.